The Plant Society and the Yarra City Council invite you to be a part of the inaugural Garden State festival to celebrate gardening as an art form and to explore the vital role plants play in the art of living.

Garden State celebrates the intersection between plants, art, architecture, craft, design, food, ideas, music, performance, elevating what it means to be a modern gardener.

Over three days, we want you to be a part of a ‘gardener’s’ festival, unlike others. As an open-access community festival – we encourage you to participate and host and especially ‘to garden’, cultivating new perspectives and ideas on plants.   

Together, let’s start conversations, open studios, showcase design, create ephemeral art, run plant workshops and far more.

Microgrants are available for artists, creatives, gardeners, businesses, and organisations to host moments, ticketed and free events within the City of Yarra.  

Involved in celebrating all things green Example Ideas

Here are some examples; however, ideas are endless.

Art Director

Art director creates an ephemeral installation to create a conversation of seasonal indicators and reconnection to nature through the pandemic.


Chef hosts a dinner collaboration exploring the ornamental in the edible of seasonal vegetables in 3 courses.

Landscape Designer

Landscape designer leads a verge garden tour exploring the radical in reclaimed gardens.


Maker runs a children’s workshop creating ceramic pressings from natural found objects.


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